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Stanley's Story

This is Stanley. Stanley was found standing in a kill pen. He was extremely emaciated as you can see from the before above. He also had an upper respiratory, pneumonia and a fractured nose. He was a stallion in a pen with a bunch of other stallions and was getting kicked and bitten as he had no desire to even move. Stanley asking price was $300.00 since you cannot ship stallions to slaughter before being castrated. The funds were raised and Stanley came home with me. After being fed a steady, healthy diet and also given an old remedy of Guiness Stout beer mixed in with his grain, Stanley quickly began to gain weight and become strong and healthy. When he gained enough weight and was healthy enough, Stanley was gelded.

Stanley has been evaluated and he is only a companion horse due to having a club foot and a limp with anything faster than a walk. Stanley will live out his life here with us. Fed, groomed, loved and cared for daily. He will never have to fear that awful fate again.

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