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Seren was rescued in September of 2014. Seren is 6 years old and very green broke. On the ground she is an angel but once that saddle comes out she is terrified. She was sent to training last summer to work on this issue and came back much better. Seren will continue her training but is currently not up for adoption.


Legacy was rescued in the summer of 2016. Legacy came with a puncture wound on her right knee and could barely walk. After recovering from her injury she was put out on pasture. After a couple weeks she started showing a suspicious belly. An ultrasound confirmed that only 3 years old she was in foal. October 3, 2017 Legacy gave birth to a healthy colt, named Legend, who has since been adopted.

Currently Legacy is not up for adoption.


Soul was rescued in 2015. She came from a kill pen. When she came here she was covered in ticks, was extremely anemic and had strangles. After we literally picked hundreds of ticks off of her, got rid of her strangles she was put out in pasture to gain weight. On July 3, 2016 she gave birth to a little filly whom we named Essence.

Soul has been adopted and Essence has found her forever home with my daughter.


This is Diva. She is a coming 3 year old paint filly. Diva was rescued in the summer of 2017. She was a bit underweight and sick with strangles. She was also covered in bite marks and there was evidence of her being kicked by other horses. She was a little mess. We got her home, vetted her, bathed her, quarantined her and look at her now. Not only is she beautiful, she is smart. She loads, ties, stand for the farrier, stands to be bathed, loves to be groomed and will be starting her all her ground work this summer. We look forward to working with this girl and excited to see what her future holds.

Currently Diva is not available for adoption.


This is Journey. One of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen. Just a 2 year old stallion standing in a kill pen awaiting the slaughter truck. He was beat up, breathing heavy and had a bloody nose. This guy tore at my heartstrings. I took him home, cleaned him up and called out the vet. Sadly he was diagnosed with one of the most severe cases of pneumonia that the vet had ever seen. She said that at the place he was at there was really no way to bring him back. With a heavy heart I made the decision to have him humanely euthanized.


Somara is a mare that was rescued from a kill pen. She had just had a baby taken from her.  It was also determined that she was in foal again. Somara gave birth to a healthy filly May 8th 2015. It has been determined that Somara was more than likely a broodmare. She is almost completely untouchable. She was and continues to be very untrusting of people. Somara is a constant work in progress and will need a horse savy individual that is willing to take time to teach her people do care. If interested in Somara please contact us for more information.


Sere was rescued in the summer of 2015. She had shoes on all four feet that were overgrown. We brought her home, cleaned her up and took her shoes off. After we took her shoes off Sere started limping extremely bad. We took her to the vet and it was determined that Sere was in the beginning stages of navicular. We gave her bute for a week and she stopped limping. After a few months she was evaluated and found to be the perfect beginner kids horse. She has the patience of a saint and loves to be bathed and brushed. She was adopted out to a loving family with 2 little girls that love Sere with all their hearts. 

Our mission is to give Gods majestic creatures a second chance to find love, acceptance and the freedom they deserve.
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